Our Aquatic Centers, Golf Courses, Lakes, and Parks are a respectful service to enhance the quality of life for the community residents, workers, and visitors. 

Other highlights include:
     - Strong school systems - With test scores above the state and national averages and a variety of public school systems and private school options to chose
        from, this region is home to some of the finest K-12 education in the state.
     - Affordable housing - Real estate is more affordable than in comparison to the metropolitan areas. With a high rate of home ownership, business owners and
       employees alike find Southwest MN to be a great place to live and work.
     - Regional Center for Health Care, Retail, and Education - As a regional hub, Southwest MN draws in people from outlying communities who receive health
       care from several regional providers including Avera Marshall and ACMC.
     - Recreation and Culture - Local residents and visitors alike enjoy the many parks and trails that provide an abundance of leisure opportunities.