Highway 68 Corridor Coalition

The purpose of the Trunk Highway 68 Corridor Coalition is to create an organization through which the members may jointly and cooperatively plan for and maximize the opportunities for sub-regional transportation and transit development, quality growth and diversification along Trunk Highway 68 through a system of collaboration pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, 1994, Section 471.59, as amended.

pdfBy-Laws of TH 68 Corridor Coalition

Highway 68 Project Details - Minneota to Marshall

MnDOT is initiating the CIMS process on a limited number of corridors, but intends to extend the program to additional state highway corridors in the coming years. In Greater Minnesota, the first round will focus on the Interregional Corridor System and corridors recently identified as supplemental to the IRC system based on their significance for freight movement. In the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, the first round will focus on the state Principal Arterials and transitways that run on state highways. In addition, groups representing several other corridors were part of discussions with MnDOT that led to the creation of CIMS and have been included for continuity. MnDOT will incorporate feedback from this initial round of meetings in future rounds, which will include additional state trunk highway corridors.

More information about CIMS is available at: www.mndot.gov/cims Dates, times, locations and the corridors covered at each meeting are listed on the attached schedule and online at: www.dot.state.mn.us/cims/meetings.html

If you have had a near miss accident, please emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details: Date, Time, Place, Weather Conditions, Incident Details, and Contact Information.


pdf2009-2014 Hwy 68 Crash Reports  
pdf2013 Hwy 68 Crash Reports  


Nicholas Johnson   Canby Administrator
Rebecca Day   Minneota EDA Member
Bob Byrnes   Marshall Mayor
Suhail Kanwar   Lyon County Engineer
Louis Sherlin   Yellow Medicine County Commissioner
Cal Brink   Marshall Chamber/EDA
Dawn Vlaminck   Ghent Clerk
Curt Blumeyer   Lincoln County Commissioner
pdf04.26.12 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf02.23.12 Highway 68 Minutes   pdf04.16.12 Highway 68 Marshall to Porter News Release
pdf08.16.12 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf03.15.12 Highway 68 Minutes   pdf04.24.12 Public Meeting about Highway 68
pdf09.13.12 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf04.26.12 Highway 68 Minutes   pdf04.30.12 Public Meeting about Highway 68
pdf11.08.12 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf08.16.12 Highway 68 Minutes   pdf04.18.13 Highway 68 Meeting Notice
pdf01.17.13 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf09.13.12 Highway 68 Minutes   pdfProposal - Highway 68 Corridor Coalition Focus Groups
pdf04.18.13 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf11.08.12 Highway 68 Minutes   pdfHighway 68 Corridor - Public Input on Safety and Transit 
pdf11.21.13 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf01.17.13 Highway 68 Minutes    
pdf01.30.14 Highway 68 Agenda   pdf11.21.13 Highway 68 Minutes    
10.20.14 Highway 68 Corridor Coalition Meeting
Minneota Community Room
  pdf01.30.14 Highway 68 Minutes    
    pdf10.20.14 Highway 68 Minutes    
Zegeer, C.V., R. Stewart, F. Council, and T. R. Neuman,
"Accident Relationships of Roadway Width on Low-Volume Roads,"
Transportation Research Record 1445, Transportation Research Board, 1994.